We hope this website encourages you to travel while enjoying great Continuing Education courses to inspire your practice and your life.  We believe travel and learning are some of the most important things in life – so we decided to make it easier to combine the two.

Some ideas take years to come to fruition, and this website is no different.  As a dentist in the beginning of my career in Manhattan, I was invited go to a Medical Dental Conference in Snowbird, Utah in early December.  As an avid skier I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and made it a long standing tradition that always started my ski season off strong.  At the North American Medical Dental Conference in Snowbird I found interesting lecturers, great snow, and good friends.

Soon I was searching for more courses at ski resorts to combine two things I loved – skiing and Dentistry.  To my surprise, it was very difficult to find such continuing education courses even though I was a relatively proficient researcher.  I knew the courses existed, but I only heard of them by chance through colleagues and friends.  I knew I couldn’t be the only person looking for such information, so I vowed to make a great searchable resource for just that – great vacation style Dental CE.

Although it sounded like a simple idea, life in NYC always seemed to get in the way of developing the site.  And who would create it?

After 13 years of practicing in NYC, my fiancée Gina and I decided to move to Aspen, CO so I could enjoy my favorite past time of skiing on a daily basis.  I set up practice in Aspen and decided to spread the joy of skiing to my fellow professionals by starting the website I had thought of a decade before.

Of course, I still had no idea how we’d develop the site.  Until one day a young man who grew up in a missionary family and followed in those footsteps, came to my office in need of dental care.  We helped him and his entire team with their dentistry needs while they were in Aspen for a summit building an amazing website that will save charities billions of dollars per year in fundraising efforts, thus making sure more dollars go toward the actual charities.  We quickly became friends with Miguel and his crew, who loved the concept of our website.  Having looked at the scope of their work, Gina and I knew they could build our dream.  We agreed to help fund some of their charity work and give 10% of any profits made on this site to their charities.

With their help cedestinations.com is so much more than we originally dreamed.  Its simple, user friendly and beautiful to boot!  The site has grown in scope to include other places professionals might want to visit such as beaches, golf resorts and cities with great culture. So please enjoy the site and have fun while learning your craft of helping your patients.

All our best,

Andrew & Gina

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