We love creative courses!

Such as this one which allows you to ride while learning in Tuscany!

A one and only experience.

You requested it and we are providing it. Yes, begin your anticipation now for this one and only opportunity to experience Tuscany with Learning Curves.

Fly into Munich on May 22, 2015 and fly out of Munich on June 5, 2015 – 15 days/14 nights. This is a leisurely tour with several two-night stays at the same hotel so you can enjoy the beauties of this amazing part of Europe. Enjoy Florence, Pisa, Siena, Venice and much more. Sit on your terrace and enjoy a beautiful meal with great people. Be inspired and strengthened by the Continuing Education provided by our popular Master Mind format.

We pick up our Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Munich and we are off to the beautiful rolling hills and unmatched scenery of central and northern Italy for the next 14 days under the leadership of Graham and Donna Beker of Beker Motorcycle Tours. This wonderful young couple are long-time friends of Glenda and I and they know Europe and how to enjoy it on a Harley and they keep us safe and on track. We have previously teamed up with these folks in both New Zealand and Europe. They are our kind of people.

This one and only tour with Learning Curves in Tuscany is limited to ten couples, so reserve your spot and savor the anticipation.


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