Zirconia Implants: A New Addition to a Modern Implant Practice

Jun 20-21, 2014

Zirconia implants have been available in Europe and other parts of the world for many years. Clinicians have been able to show a comparable success rate to titanium implants by utilizing a protected loading protocol. Because of their high success rate and predictability, the FDA has approved zirconia implants for the US market.

Zirconia implants will open a totally new frontier for dental practices, which are serving patients with high esthetic demands or looking for a metal free treatment solution. Additionally, Zirconia implants will allow clinicians to treat patients with metal allergies. As it has been described in the literature, gingival response and tissue integration around zirconia are optimized.

This two-day program provides a comprehensive training about clinical principles associated with implant therapy utilizing zirconia implant. All of surgical and prosthetic techniques for fixed and implant overdenture prosthesis supported by zirconia implants will be discussed.

Day 1 Points of Discussion:

-Biological and design rational for zirconia implants.

-Patient selection for fixed prosthesis supported by zirconia implant.

-Indications and contra-indications.

-Surgical protocol for partially edentulous patients.

-Temporization techniques and delivery of final crown and bridges.

-Protected loading protocol.

-Combination therapy utilizing zirconia implants and tissue engineering (soft & hard tissue).

-Clinical risk management.

Hands-on Training:

Participants will have the opportunity to place a crown and bridge type zirconia implant in a plastic mandible. Different designs for transitional prosthesis will be available and distributed among participants so they become fully familiar with the fabrication criteria.

Day 2 Points of Discussion:

-Patient selection criteria for overdenture therapy utilizing zirconia implants.

-Indication and contra indications of zirconia implants for overdenture therapy.

-Surgical protocol for fully edentulous patients.

-Biomechanical Analysis of Implant-Supported Overdenture.

-Loading protocol for implant supported overdenture utilizing zirconia implants.

-Prosthetic steps for fabricating an overdenture supported by zirconia implants.

-Occlusal Schemes.

Hands-on Training:

Participants will have the opportunity to place a ball top overdenture version of zirconia implant in a plastic mandible. All of the chair-side steps for retrofitting a female cap into the denture base will be discussed.