Understanding and Perfecting Occlusion

Jul 25, 2014

Course Description:

Discover the difference between ordinary and extraordinary! Computerized Occlusal Analysis provides clinicians with a far better understanding of occlusion than ever before.

Clinical cases will be reviewed to demonstrate time and relative force based analysis of tooth to tooth dynamics. Many clinical cases will be presented, demonstrating clinical applications for use in creating balanced occlusion in cosmetic, pain management, prosthetic and implant cases.

Occlusion is accepted universally as a key element for successful dentistry. The time has come to take the necessary steps to understand and control its impact.


-Modern concepts of occlusion and guidance development -The relationship of occlusal findings and musculature and patient symptoms -How to check occlusion with marking paper and what the marks mean -How to record and adjust occlusal contacts using a computer -Analyzing time vs. force measurements -How to know what to adjust

Hands-On Portion:

Dentists will break into groups of 3 or 4 and each participant will check occlusion on others in the group. Each person will get “hands-on” time collecting data and “hands-on” time using the computer.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptop & T-Scan (if they own one) to the course.


Our location is 20 minutes to New York City!


Robert Kerstein
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