Treatment Planning for Complete Arch and Complete Mouth Rehabilitation

Jul 18, 2014

Once the natural dentition is lost, it becomes challenging to restore function, phonetics and esthetics. Many diagnostic measures are required to develop a biomechanically favorable occlusion.  A diagnostic waxing is critical because it permits the determination of the desired implant position and distribution. This waxing also becomes a template for the provisional restoration, which in turn, serves as a blueprint for the establishment of esthetics, phonetics and function in the definitive restorations

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan
  • Evaluate the vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Make interocclusal records for mounting of definitive and diagnostic casts
  • Fabricate a provisional restoration to evaluate function, speech and esthetics and to serve as a guide for the dental laboratory technician when finalizing the anterior guidance