Transitional Bonding: The Formula for Solving Complex Cases with Composites

Sep 25-27, 2014

This course focuses on the benefits and step-by-step techniques of transitional bonding, an extremely practical new option requiring little or no prep for most cases. This course will cover the rationale for using composite – especially for complex cases.

Practical occlusal guidelines for predictable function and longevity will be presented – including increasing V.D.O. and building anterior guidance as well as how to handle bruxers and non-compliant patients.

Course objectives:

Conserve enamel – accomplish smile makeovers and major occlusal changes with NO tooth reduction. Diagnose, treatment plan and restore a complex case with composite – a very effective hands-on to treat a common problem: worn teeth. Understand tooth topography to create the most natural look. Conduct treatment planning using a practical system that quickly determines the ‘best smile possible’ for each patient. Diagnose, treatment plan and restore a complex case with composite. Rebuild incisal and canine guidance and open vertical dimension to create a great esthetic result with ideal occlusion. What Doctors are saying about the course:

“Since taking your course, I’ve been able to better diagnose and treatment plan some difficult, involved cases which I previously felt uncomfortable treating, your course immensely exceeded my expectations.”

“This course will change the way you treatment plan certain cases. You will learn to build your composite resin skills to a level where patients are given the opportunity for needed full-mouth rehabilitation using more affordable materials and techniques.”


Corky Willhite
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