TMD Complete: Cases Start to Finish

Nov 1-5, 2015

This course will provide experiential learning for those treating TMD patients. You will explore diagnosing multiple types of treatments and therapies, while bringing you to a new level of knowledge regarding the anatomy.  This course is open to all experience levels.

Participants are encouraged to bring cases. These cases will be the framework of the course.

A systematic approach to diagnosing, and treating will be presented and utilized hands-on for the cases brought. Each participant will see not only their cases solved, but experience how to over come obstacles in many other cases.  The faculty will then show similar cases, going through the diagnosis and treatment from start to finish.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the medical diagnostic process for diagnosing facial pain
  • Learn refined techniques for treating Occlusal Muscle Disorder including efficient splint and occlusal adjustments
  • Learn Occlusal equilibration for improved esthetics in addition to stability and function.
  • Learn what to do when a centric relation appliance does not work
  • Learn when and how to order and interpret advanced imaging (MRI, CT, CBCT)
  • Learn how different facial asymmetries correlate to joint pathology
  • Understand how to utilize adjunct therapies including Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy, Osteopathic Treatments, Cold Laser, and TENS
  • Learn surgical options for your patients with severe malocclusions and airway issues
  • Understand the many different diseases OF TD
  • Learn how to identify the origin of pain; muscles vs. joint