The Severely Atrophic Maxilla: Stabilizing Implants in the Pterygomaxillary and Zygoma Regions

Dec 1, 2014

This course will include a live surgery showing the placement of the implants along with a hands-on mannequin laboratory workshop.  Course highlights will include presentations on treatment planning, as well as the surgical, radiological, biomechanical and restorative aspects of new approaches to treat the compromised maxilla.  Intraoral live video gives participants the “Surgeon’s Eye View” of the procedure and interactive discussion.  Courses are presented in a private clinical/teaching facility with full laboratory support.

Educational goal:

To familiarize participants with the surgical, prosthetic and post-treatment phases of dental implants in the pterygomaxillary and zygoma regions.


Thomas J. Balshi
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Glenn J. Wolfinger
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Stephen F. Balshi
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