The Million Dollar PPO Practice

Aug 22, 2014

Fee for service Dentistry has long been considered the gold standard in private practice. Dentists still boast about not “taking” insurance or “not participating” when discussing their practices.

As the economy shifts and patients become more insurance conscious, the need and incentive to participate in preferred provider organizations becomes more evident. For those of us who have chosen to participate, there is a systematic, stress-free way to create a thriving, and profitable practice that provides high quality care and value added services.

This seminar will provide a detailed blueprint of a PPO practice. It will take you from the initial patient phone call through the recare system with predictable and repeatable results.

You will learn:

  • Learn the secret to maintaining a low overhead
  • What a PPO is and what you are agreeing to when you sign up
  • How to build the right team for a PPO practice
  • Technology that you cannot afford to practice without
  • How to collect 100% of what you produce without sending any statements
  • How to reduce cancellations and no shows without using confirmation calls
  • The most important statistics to track
  • The truth about Pre-D’s
  • How to reduce insurance denials and speed up claim payment


Matthew Krieger
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