The Dawson Academy: Splint Therapy, Sleep Apnea and Total Wellness

Jan 23-25, 2014

The future of Dentistry is brighter than ever for the dentist who is well prepared with new knowledge and skills. In an era of exploding medical knowledge, patients spend more time with their dentist and hygienist than with their primary care provider, placing dentistry in a new and unique position to provide critical health care services.

Millions of patients are experiencing signs and symptoms of Masticatory System related problems that are most effectively diagnosed and managed by dentists. Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson, Director of the Dental Medical Curriculum at The Dawson Academy, will share best practices in many of these areas. Program participants will learn techniques for evaluating, diagnosing and treating temporomandibular disorders, poor bite relationships and airway problems. This knowledge will enable dental professionals to provide their patients with solutions to problems ranging from snoring and sleep apnea to headaches, destructive bruxism and more.

Additionally, Heart attack, stroke and diabetes have been linked to oral health and early detection of signs in the oral cavity positions dentists to help save lives. In this dental seminar, Steven Masley, M.D., author of “Ten Years Younger”, will present tools and guides to aid dental professionals in assessing and advising their patients on various factors for health and longevity. Participants will leave with knowledge in the critical areas of optimum nutrition, prevention of cognitive decline, decreasing cardiovascular risk, and enhance physiological aging. The impact of unmanaged chronic stress on various aspects of wellness will be explored and strategies for helping patients manage stress will be presented.

There is great opportunity for dentists to expand their services (and lines of business), by developing the knowledge and skills necessary to become the true Physicians of the Masticatory System.

Learning Objective:

  • Prepare a decision tree for diagnosing and treating specific Temporomandibular Disorder
  • Discover a protocol for occlusal splint therapy
  • Employ a screening process for airway problems
  • Select a protocol for the proper treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (including referrals for Sleep Studies, Appliance options, systems for integrating Sleep Dentistry into the general practice)
  • Review ten steps to turn back the clock on aging
  • Clarify what foods and supplements are required to meet key nutrient needs and how to correct and optimize deficiencies
  • Discuss how to schedule and bill for nutrition consults, with or without insurance
  • Outline lifestyle therapy options (food & exercise recommendations) that improve clinical outcomes
  • Understand the relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease
  • Clarify the physiological impact of unmanaged chronic stress.
  • Identify specific relationships between oral health and systemic health and specify nutritional principles that can be integrated into a whole health dental practice.


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