The Clear Facts on Orthodontics: When Why and How to React

Sep 10, 2014

During the morning we will discuss the mixed dentition and the need for Phase I interceptive orthodontics. We will approach orthodontics from a preventative point of view and learn to head off problems such as impacted teeth in a growing individual. We will stress the correction of crossbites and habits among other things. Appliance design and treatment planning will be stressed. In the afternoon we will change gears to the permanent dentition and focus on clear aligner therapy. Our discussion will include an understanding how and why clear aligners work for some situations, but not for everything. The afternoon will focus on using force points to control tooth movement. This is something that can be done in house by the doctor or someone delegated on staff.

Course Objectives:

  • How to create and maintain space for erupting teeth
  • Appliance design in the mixed dentition
  • Learn to treatment plan the staging of tooth movement using a clear aligner


Neil Warshawsky
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