The Artistry of Creating Gorgeous Composite Veneers

Mar 28-29, 2014

This course in two full days packs in the step-by-step techniques in the quest for lifelike composite veneers that emulate the beauty of natural tooth structure that rivals porcelain. This workshop will provide the participants with an understanding and road-map from evaluating smile design, functional parameters, layering and finishing techniques that ultimately leads to gorgeous composite veneers.

Course objectives:

Review tooth anatomy and smile design principles. Learn and familiarize the characteristics of color. Utilizing photography as a to evaluate color Understand how to use a road-map for composite color selection. Learn how to layer composite in anterior veneer cases to achieve the desired effect. Learn the difference and when to use chromatic verses achromatic enamels. Understand creative techniques to evaluate and create natural incisal translucency. How to use tints for creating the proper hue and chroma effects. Demonstrate the use of surface effects Learn the importance of the correct tooth shape and how it relates to the final esthetic outcome. Achieve predictable contouring, finishing and polishing techniques for the optimal esthetic effects. Learn how to polish composite from the smoothest to the most texturized enamel.


David K. Chan
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