The Art of Endodontics: 2-Day Laboratory Course

Jun 24-25, 2014

Work closely with DR. BUCHANAN in his two-day limited attendance laboratory course. Self-paced exercises and one-on-one coaching enable participants to train-up from fundamental concepts to complex case strategies, regardless of their specific experiences and skill levels.

State-of-the-Art Teaching Facility

In picturesque Santa Barbara, California, join Dr. Buchanan in one of the most sophisticated, fully operational, independent endodontic teaching facilities in the world. Working with a leading innovator makes this the perfect setting for mastering new information and techniques.

Live Demonstration Theater

Watch Dr. Buchanan perform root canal therapy on a patient in his demonstration theater. This working operatory contains the most advanced computer imaging tools used in dentistry, including a 6-foot video monitor linked to a camera on the operating microscope, enabling clinicians to view every aspect of the procedure.

Beautiful Setting

Santa Barbara is an oceanside resort town with a Mediterranean feel, located 92 miles north of Los Angeles. Known for its year-round mild climate, stunning beauty, and world-class shopping and dining, Santa Barbara is a destination spot for thousands of visitors every year. Many participants choose to bring their families, and stay the weekend to enjoy the surroundings. You can get here by air from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco and Denver, depending on your flight origination. For more information about our lovely little city, visit

”It is remarkable to return to practice, and in the first day back, witness dramatic results while applying techniques learned just a few days before – I had just that experience”. – William E. Foster, DDS ~ Columbus, Ohio

Course Objective

This in-depth, hands-on course is appropriate for both general dentists and specialists. Upon completion, the participating clinician should understand:

  • Access: How to create ideal access form – not endless access openings – and eliminate cervically-positioned curvature
  • Negotiation and apical gauging techniques with standard K-files
  • Apex locator usage and the importance of using an Apex Locator 100% of the time
  • The safe and efficient use of rotary nickel-titanium files: advantages and pitfalls
  • Crown-down shaping techniques with GT Series X (GTX) rotary files, including file selection for all canal morphology
  • Techniques for difficult canals with impediments, using pre-bent K-files and GT Hand Files
  • The importance of lubricants, irrigants and chelating agents for negotiation, cleaning efficacy and smear layer removal
  • Centered-compaction obturation techniques including proper selection of gutta percha, paper points and GTX obturators
  • Downpacking and backfill with the System-B/Elements heat source using the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique
  • Carrier-based obturation
  • How to safely remove carriers and gutta percha
  • The specialist/generalist relationship in root canal therapy

Course Viewing Requirements

A comprehensive DVD will be sent to each participant 5 weeks prior to the course date. This educational media addresses both the conceptual and technical aspects of the instruments and techniques, and is an essential ingredient of course preparation.


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