The Absolute Latest Info on What’s Hot and Getting Hotter in Dentistry!

Jul 20, 2014

This course includes tons of reviews of new products and materials based on his monthly column by the same title for AGD Impact magazine, and if you’ve attended his course before, don’t worry it is chock full of new products and info! Topics will include: 

Curing lights

♦ Desensitiztion & Adhesives..a sticky subject made simple

♦Composites for esthetic fillings not just white ones

♦ ICON Infiltration technique..for minimally invasive procedures

♦ Impression materials,  Provisional materials..provisionals should look great and cements

♦Burs and Lasers..simple, easy and quick w/ great results

♦ Endodontic instruments and dentine replacement materials

♦Tissue retraction and fluid control

♦ Reducing Sensitivity with topical paste application & Fluoride varnishes

♦ Matrix bands for perfect, predictable contacts

♦Whitening systems..that work

♦ Easy to use Thermoplastics


Howard Glazer
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