Spear Education: Restoring the Edentulous Arch

Nov 19-21, 2015

Edentulism is increasing in the United States by 600,000 cases a year. Implants give us multiple options to help these patients restore their mouths esthetically and functionally. This three-day hands-on workshop is designed to help restorative dentists sort through the options for restoring the edentulous arch and with hands-on exercises, develop confidence in completing these restorative processes.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Understand the options currently available for restoring edentulous arches, including conventional-removable, implant-assisted – removable, implant-supported – removable, and implant-supported – fixed
  • Evaluation of the patient and the edentulous ridge
  • Steps and techniques to complete all options
  • Complications, failures and rescue of problem cases
  • Radiographic evaluation of the edentulous arch
  • Which is the most appropriate restoration
  • Determining the appropriate number of implants
  • Indications, risks and benefits for implant-assisted restorations
  • Indications, risks and benefits for implant-supported removable restorations
  • Indications, risks and benefits for implant-supported fixed restorations
  • Material selection risks and benefits
  • Digital vs. analog design
  • Procedural steps for each type of restoration
  • Managing patient expectations

Topics and Exercises:

  • Rapidly evaluating intermaxillary space
  • Denture duplication for multiple uses
  • Verification jigs – cast verification
  • Attachment pick-up
  • Impression techniques
  • Setting denture teeth


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