Solutions for Advanced Surgical Procedures

Nov 21-22, 2014

OCO Biomedical’s advanced placement course presents new implant placement options and introduces solutions for common complications that may arrise during implant surgery.

This second level course features educational technique presentations featuring advanced placement and restoration options with mini and conventional diameter implants.

Learn about new instrumentation and collect new techniques for optimizing your implant profitability and efficiency. This advanced course will also show you how to provide affordable esthetic and functional implant solutions for your entire patient base. Also included are instruction on sinus lift techniques, bone grafting and complex case planning.


  • Two-stage & one-stage conventional and mini implant treatment options
  • Fundamentals of initial stabilization to enhance osseointegration
  • Treatment planning & case selection
  • Selective loading protocol
  • Marketing techniques for increased case acceptance
  • Cost effective implant placement & restoration
  • Enhancements to increase the profitability of your practice
  • Techniques for giving your patients superior aesthetic results