Soft Tissue Esthetics: Peri-Implant and Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Sep 5-6, 2014

2 Day Lecture and Workshop with Dr. Egon Euwe

Day 1 & 2: Interactive Lectures

-Principles of Soft Tissue Management and Grafting

-Biologic and anatomic review of Soft Tissue Healing & Grafting

-Decision making in material choice from Autologous, Allograft, Collagen and Growth

-Factors in Soft Tissue Grafts

-Timing the soft tissue graft and procedure before, during and after bone graft and implant placement

-Select and perform the step for step procedure of soft tissue grafts and periodontal plastic surgery

-Implant uncovering procedures and gingival thickening procedures

-Soft tissue repair and reconstructive procedures after implant and bone graft complication

Hands On:

-Esthetic crown lengthening

-Soft tissue graft harvest and placement

-GBR procedures with simultaneous soft tissue grafting

-Soft tissue tunneling procedures

-Combination Inlay-Onlay grafts

-Gingival Biotype “Boost” techniques


Egon Euwe
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