Social Media & Digital Dental Photography Workshop

Sep 20, 2014

Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana, California is proud to present an AACD accreditation level hands-on workshop in photography.  The key to esthetic perfection is effective communication. Visual communication is essential for patient acceptance of esthetic treatment, treatment planning, and successful case completion. Visual documentation is mandatory for optimal laboratory communication and obtaining consistent esthetic results. Photographic self-analysis is also the key to personal improvement and the growth of ones esthetic abilities. You cannot practice today’s esthetic dentistry without mastering visual communication skills.

Esthetic Professionals is proud to announce our ”Introduction to Digital Dental Photography: Hands-On Workshop”. This comprehensive hands-on program is designed to introduce participants to visual communication techniques and technologies. Its purpose is to provide the entire dental team a fast and effective way to acquire the visual communication skills necessary to start immediately. High end portrait photography and their use in motivational presentations will be demonstrated. This program will also give participants, sufficient knowledge on how to master the photographic skills necessary for American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation.  Please contact Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center  in Tarzana, California to start your path to successful photography.  Register today and see our incentives.


  1. Cameras: Introduction to digital photography
  2. Accessories: Retractors, mirrors, backgrounds, lighting
  3. Techniques: Intra-oral series
  4. AACD photographic series
  5. Image management software
  6. Digital photographing techniques
  7. Portrait Photography
  8. Social Media


  1. All participants will take the AACD intra-oral photographic series, including portraits
  2. All photos will be evaluated prior to the completion of the course for self evaluation
  3. Image manipulation in our ”Computer Training Center”
  • Participants are encouraged to bring there own cameras and retractors
  • Cameras will also be supplied by Photomed


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