Sinus Grafting Course

Oct 3-4, 2014

Site development from a Prosthodontic perspective… This two-day course is designed to provide you with the ability to identify the need for site development for optimum anatomic implant placement. Lecture material will cover patient examination, treatment planning (both surgical and prosthetic), as well as tissue and bone management. Restoration of anatomic integrity for implant placement will be demonstrated on live patient surgery demos. This course also features both hands-on model practice and a fresh frozen cadaver workshop.

This course will include in-depth coverage of:

  • Anatomy
  • Radiology and cone-beam imaging
  • Surgical instrumentation
  • Surgical techniques including suturing finesse
  • Bone grafting material selection
  • Debridement and grafting of extraction sites


  • Recognize indications for successful grafting
  • Identify the prosthetic need for site development
  • Become familiar with techniques for immediate sinus grafting and implant placement
  • Differentiate indications for closed (osteotome) vs. open (lateral) access sinus grafting
  • Become familiar with osteotome (closed) grafting techniques


Gary Brousell
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Thomas J. McGarry
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Lars O. Bouma
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Dan O’Donoghue
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