Restorative Excellence

Oct 10-11, 2014

This program is designed to provide the dental practitioner with the foundational principles and understanding of today’s restorative dentistry. It will enable them to easily and consistently achieve the highest level of restorative evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of the basic to moderately complex dental patient. Material will be presented in a combination of evidence based didactic material and case presentation. Foundational principles will be presented.

This program is also designed for those wishing to develop a complete understanding of the relationships between restorative dentistry and the periodontal supporting structures. It is a TEAM APPROACH program for Periodontist’s and their Restorative Dentist’s. Or Restorative Dentist’s and their Periodontist’s. In today’s world, ceramics, cosmetics and replacement of outlived restorative dentistry is the staple or our restorative practices. Exquisite restorative outcomes are a result of their relationship to the periodontium. This program will detail the the foundational principles and present a step by step cookbook process to ensure consistently excellent outcomes in treatment planning and treatment of everyday restorative dentistry.

The program is based on the treatment protocol of the placement of an adhesive core and provisional restoration, the referral to a Periodontist for treatment consisting of Biologic Shaping and soft tissue grafts followed by a maturation process of 16 weeks and the definitive restoration. This process is essential to long term stability of the hard and soft tissues as well as the teeth and cosmetic outcome. It is applied to the simplest of single tooth ceramic crowns as well as the most complex perio/restorative full mouth reconstructions.

  • The importance of the initial phone contact in establishing patient confidence and creating the feel of a “different experience”.
  • When a new patient should be brought in to your practice via a comprehensive new patient evaluation and when a new patient hygiene visit is acceptable.
  • The specific components of an effective new patient evaluation.
  • The complete use of the TREATMENT PLANING QUINT.
  • The components of the QUINT : Aesthetics, Perio, Occlusion, Restorative, TMD related issues and post operative case management strategies.
  • How to conduct an aesthetic interview that ensures a successful aesthetic outcome.
  • The concept of Aesthetically Driven Treatment Planning.
  • The application of Quint Modifiers to the Aesthetic plan such as occlusal conditions, periodontal status, TMJ environment and parafunction.
  • How to make an aesthetic and functional face-bow transfer.
  • The impotance of Aesthetic A Point and Aesthetic B Point and how this drives all treatment plans.
  • An understanding of the theory of the hinge axis and its clinical relevance.
  • A repeatable and simple method for analyzing the aesthetics including a complete facial analysis, tooth form and proprtions, tooth positions and shade analysis.
  • How to communicate the information gathered from the aesthetic and occlusal evaluation to the laboratory for a diagnostic wax up.
  • Gain an understanding of finish line design and location related to the definitive restorative plan.
  • The complete steps in achieving a perfect restorative outcome.
  • How to diagnose and present restorative cases for maximum case acceptance.
  • How to incorporate the TEAM APPROACH and have restorative and periodontal dentists working together for a great outcome.
  • What to expect when removing old dentistry and how to inform patients BEFORE the treatment.



Howard Chasolen
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