Protocol for Successful Preparations: The Synthesis of Art & Science

Jul 10-11, 2015

This course is timely as many dentists experience difficulty and inconsistency in their preparation skills and results. This fact becomes a hurdle for not only the dentist but the technicians as well. The dentists expect superior results but often times do not supply the technician with what is needed to reach that objective. Also, many new dental materials are hitting the market and they all have slightly different preparation requirements. This course will allow the participants an immediate “take home” that they can use to change their practices and see improved results in their restorative treatment.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will understand the dynamic of proper margin placement with respect to the biologic width
  • Participants will learn step-by-step protocol to achieving predictable and consistent preparations
  • Participants will learn selection and rationale behind proper bur choice
  • Participants will understand essential keys to achieving smooth preparations that aid soft tissue management
  • Participants will learn different veneer preparations and indications and rationale for their use