Protect & Increase Your Profitability

Jun 20, 2014

Discover from Kerry Straine how to unleash your profit potential using the latest in practice management strategies. You will also learn how to set goals, track performance and improve profitability using Kerry Straine’s management methodologies.  You’ll discover how to transform your practice by getting the most out of your practice management investment.

Come and Learn:

  • How to get more patients in your chairs
  • How to track patients, performance and profits by the numbers
  • Managing collections more effectively
  • How to use reporting to monitor the growth of the practice
  • Ways to easily identify areas of improvement in your office operations
  • How to carefully monitor office production and key performance indicators
  • Tools that enhance your patient experience and keep them returning
  • How integrated solutions such as eServices and digital radiography can boost productivity and profitability
  • How to create a more connected, unified digital dental office
  • The top five things you should know about Dentrix to increase your profitability and protect your future

Afternoon Session

From collections to Insurance, from Treatment Planning to effective time management, your practice software holds the key.  Maximizing this powerful tool is paramount in any successful and growing practice. Learn the ins and outs of what to focus on, what to look for as you go “paperless” and begin to harness one of your most powerful tools.

Come and Learn:

  • How to improve collections from insurance and clients
  • How to improve scheduling to reduce no-shows and increase productivity
  • How to monitor and quantify your practice’s production and financial health