Principles for a Productive Dental Practice, CAD/CAM Dentistry in the Digital Age – Schein 2014 Fall Festival

Oct 17, 2014

CAD/CAM technology is revolutionizing how we practice dentistry, allowing dentists to have more control, be more efficient, and differentiate themselves from other practices. Learn how to leverage this incredible technology in YOUR practice to create the “Ultimate Patient Experience” that will not only increase case acceptance and new patient referrals but also improve your practice lifestyle.

Dr. Morin will be sharing:

  • How to thrive in a challenging PPO environment
  • Secrets to attracting new patients with convenient same-day dentistry
  • Strategies to increase your practice productivity and team development
  • How new software is changing the way we use CAD/CAM
  • New dental procedures you can do chairside
  • How to use CAD/CAM software efficiently to accomplish a perfect result
  • Ways to produce the best restoration for your patient in the most profitable way
  • New CAD/CAM materials


Located 40 minutes from Philadelphia!



Mark Morin
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