Predictable Approaches to Multidisciplinary Treatment

Jul 28, 2014

This course is designed for the general practitioner or for specialists to review and learn the periodontal and prosthodontics considerations that will determine the success of dental restorations and treatment.

The course will help identify the clinical situations when the restorative dentist will need to include a specialist as part of the team in order to enhance the success of the patient’s treatment.

First Module-Treatment Planning

  1. Diagnostic and treatment plan of periodontally compromised teeth
  2. Review of treatment planning options with clinical outcomes for simple to complex clinical cases
  3. Review and analysis of treatments with dental implants including review of CT scan, implant selection and maintenance

Second Module- Periodontal Therapy

  1. Management of periodontal disease prior to placement of dental implants and restorations
  2. Pre-Prosthetic periodontal therapy
  3. Treatment of mucogingival problems including conventional and surgical approaches
  4. Esthetic crown lengthening indications and contraindications

Third Module- Restorative

  1. Extensive review of restorative considerations to the success of esthetic restorations
  2. Predictable preparations for porcelain laminate veneers and all ceramic restorations
  3. Esthetic considerations for implant supported crowns
  4. Review of several clinical cases requiring multidisciplinary treatment
  5. Analysis of failures and successes of dental implants and restorations
  6. Clinical comparison of ceramo-metal restorations and all ceramic restorations


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