Perio Surgery for the Modern Dental Practice Workshop Dates

May 16-17, 2014

This exciting new class was designed to teach and promote awareness of periodontal disease that is seen in the dental office every day. The Perio Institute has been teaching mild to moderate perio surgical skills to the general practicing dentist for over twenty years. But this course offers a refreshing new approach to the traditional and conventional treatment planning and options on the first day and adds the value of a more modern methodology on the second day.

General practitioners are enthusiastic about learning, diagnosing, and treating their patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease. Attending this class will give you the knowledge and skills to recognize and address periodontal problems and offer patients a predictable solution. Taught by a Periodontist, this course demystifies periodontal disease and allows the general practitioner to identify the trouble and make an educated decision to treat or refer the patient to a specialist. The hands on experience, executed on pig jaws and anatomical models, provides the participants with confidence and a better understanding of the skill set necessary to achieve a predictable outcome. During the 2 day workshop you will be instructed on; instruments, periodontal plastic surgery, oral medicines, soft and hard tissue augmentation, root planning, antibiotics and laser therapy.

Upon completion of this extensive two day learning experience, you should have a confident understanding and the necessary skills to build on and add periodontal therapy to your practice.


Kent Spillman
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