Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Feb 20-22, 2015

Fewer than 5 percent of American dentists specialize in pediatric care. That’s why many children don’t get the care they need, especially if they exhibit such problems at the dental office as behavioral issues or fear.

Our 3-day program will increase your practice efficiency, reduce your stress, and increase parent satisfaction. It will transform your treatment of children to the next paradigm shift – one of modern pharmacodynamic management.

The “Caries Crisis” has become an epidemic due to the indulgence of sugary foods and liquids, lack of preventive care, permissive parenting, and child independence.

Children whose dental treatment is planned for multiple visits are often unable or unwilling to start let alone finish multi-visit appointments. Add dental phobia, strong gag reflexes, busy parents, after school fatigue – you’ve got the perfect storm for practice stress.

DOCS Education provides you with an opportunity

By using pediatric sedation, you can complete a child’s dental care in one, instead of many visits. By using pediatric sedation, school time, parental work time, parental travel time, and your time are all spared. Won’t that make everyone happy?

This popular course offers everything you need to integrate sedation dentistry into your practice. Here are key advantages you’ll experience when you enroll in the oral sedation dentistry course:

-Dramatically reduce dentist and staff stress. -Save school time, work time, and your time. -Increase parent satisfaction.

What you’ll learn:

This course will teach you the drug and nitrous protocols so you can provide safe, effective sedation dentistry at your practice. The course is taught by “wet fingered in the trenches” pediatric sedation dentists and physicians that will enhance your clinical and management skills in case selection, parent acceptance, equipment purchase, staff coordination, emergency preparedness and the pharmacodynamics of oral conscious sedation.

Course Objectives:

-Learn who can benefit from sedation: Learn how to determine which child and parent are good candidates for pediatric oral sedation. -Strive for excellence: Gain a thorough understanding of the equipment and guidelines necessary to practice safe sedation above the standard of current care. -Safety comes first: Participate in hands-on airway management and sedation emergency training. -Understand the differences between kids and adults: Learn about pediatric anatomy, physiology, and physical evaluation. Enhance your ability to select the right child for safe sedation. -Knowledge is one thing, implementation is another: Learn the protocol of step-by-step sedation. Understand what equipment, supplies, and management techniques are necessary to start sedation procedures in your office. -Communication is key: Learn to communicate with both child and parent about the benefits of single-visit pediatric sedation in your practice. This communication will help expand both treatment and sedation acceptance. -Learn how to make the decision that is right for you: Use case studies to determine when it is safe to sedate in your office, and when to refer to an anesthesia professional. -Get real: Actual cases will be discussed, so you can practice making real life choices about sedation dentistry. -Team effort: Learn the critical role each team member plays in sedation procedures.