Pankey: Step Up to the Bar! Attachment Retained Prosthesis from A to Z

Aug 17-19, 2014

This comprehensive survey and participation course designed for both dentists and technicians, is an intensive 2 1/2 day program that will leave you confident in your ability to design, prescribe and fabricate attachment and bar retained prostheses.   Through  presentations, demonstrations,  and hands on case design and fabrication, you will be given a broad view of attachment and bar application in partial dentures, overdentures, implants, and segmented bridgework. You will quickly and confidently classify virtually any precision or semi-precision attachment, and select a connector whose function is consistent with the indications of a particular case.  Lecture and demonstrations comprise approximately half the course. The balance consists of actual laboratory and clinical work. You will design and fabricate attachment cases and use bar retained components on models, some of which you will take home upon completion of the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Case Design – How to choose an appropriate attachment for any partial denture or overdenture
  • What causes failures and how to avoid them.
  • Clinical and  Laboratory fabrication procedures for a variety of applications
  • Attachment vs. Clasps (Stern Latch®, Dalbo®, ERA®, IC, Cross-Arch Roach, Biloc)
  • Overdenture Anchors  and Bar Systems – when to splint?
  • Implant Abutments – a comparison of popular systems (Stern Root Anchor®, Dalla Bona, ERA®, Rother­mann, Hader Bar®, Dolder® Bar, ERA® Implant Abutment, Locator® Abut­ment, SFI Bar®)
  • Designing the Modular Bridge (Tube Lock, Interlock, PD, Combi-Snap®)