Pankey: Enhancing Periodontal Productivity Through The “Team” Approach

Aug 8-9, 2014

Want to utilize your Hygienist’s time more productively?

Looking for a quality resource for “what’s new” in dental products, systems and technology?

With periodontitis being the major contributor for tooth loss in the practice of dentistry, “managing” the disease process versus attempting to “treat” it requires the entire dental team’s commitment to a systematic approach.   This presentation will provide the participant with user-friendly protocols and technological solutions to find and manage the periodontal patient.  Take the frustration out of delivering periodontal care and gain success with patient case acceptance, tooth retention and financial reward.

We explore all levels of incorporating periodontal management into the general practice identifying meaningful roles of the team and how each contributes to patient well being. Our course balances interactive seminars intertwined with hands on workshops from periodontal charting to advanced micro thin ultrasonics to lasers if applicable. Patient scripting involving the total team will be introduced for positive case acceptance.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the role of each team member with the new and established patient and role play to educate and gain patient acceptance
  • Calibrate the dentist and the hygienist in an efficient manner to accurately determine a user-friendly diagnosis.
  • Empower the dental hygienist with expanded skillsets beyond the “prophy” including re enforcing restorative treatment plans
  • Create risk assessment that develops “realistic” non-surgical therapies and the respective reevaluation with emphasis on “new” anti-inflammatory systems including nutraceuticals as probiotics and anti-oxidants
  • Incorporate power driven instrumentation into the periodontal component of the practice with take home – hands on techniques that decrease fatigue and enhance time efficiency.
  • Establish a quality periodontal maintenance program that enhances the restorative practice including third party reimbursement.