Pankey: E2: Splint Therapy and Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry

Oct 11-15, 2015

After completing this course, you will be able to design, fabricate and deliver a bite splint, as well as identify the rationale for fabricating different types of bite splints. You will be able to use bite splint therapy diagnostically, therapeutically and behaviorally for the benefit of your patients. You will further develop a vision for your practice of dentistry.

Seminars & Clinical Exercises

  • Become adept at muscle and joint examination.
  • Become adept at obtaining appropriate bite records and articulating cases.
  • Fabricate an acrylic bite splint shell on an articulated model.
  • Utilize knowledge of TMJ diagnostic sounds, movements, and functional loading for appropriate bite splint therapy application.
  • Reline the shell and adjust the occlusion of the seated bite splint.
  • Evaluate and adjust the bite splint following wear.
  • Define concepts of treatment planning with appropriately articulated diagnostic casts.

Practice Development Seminars

  • Describe to your patients how using a bite splint will help them come to a better understanding of the health of their mouth.
  • Collect practice financial data and enter it into a Management Income Statement (MIS) spreadsheet to monitor your practice.
  • Begin to develop a philosophically based fee.