Pankey: E1: Developing the Exceptional Dental Practice & the Engaging Patient Experience

Nov 6-10, 2016

It is said that we only get one chance to make a great first impression. Nowhere is this more accurate than in your dental practice. Essentials 1 is the foundation on which many of the world’s most exceptional dental practices were built, and this course has continued to be the experience that many of today’s top clinicians identify as the beginning of their journey to excellence. This curriculum, like its predecessor, Continuum 1 (C1), is the perfect blend of applicable techniques, practice philosophy, financial management, and behavioral skills to immediately elevate your practice to a new level and set the course for achieving the practice of your dreams.

Your E1 experience will be led by a member of the Pankey Visiting Faculty who has more than 20 years of private practice experience, combined with many years of experience teaching this course. Each E1 teaching team also includes the Institute’s Chairman of Education along with two additional faculty members chosen to address a variety of age levels and practice experiences. Anchoring the team will be the Pankey Institute’s clinical, technical, and laboratory staff, some of whom have been involved in the Pankey Institute’s educational efforts for over 25 years.

Seminars & Clinical Exercises: -The new patient experience in the exceptional dental practice — setting your practice apart -Acquiring the records necessary to fully evaluate your new patient -Centric Relation — How to understand, identify, and record CR -Introduction to intra-oral photograph -Involving your patient in the process of the comprehensive co-discovery examination -Understanding function, restoration design, and communication skills to achieve exquisite and predictable aesthetics -Behavioral foundations that will help you build an enjoyable patient family and a practice team that will minimize stress, be emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding -Financial tools for practice and personal financial freedom -Understanding the renowned L. D. Pankey Philosophy of practice and envisioning a plan to implement these concepts in your practice.