OSHA & The Dental Practice Act (CA Law)- & A Bonus Lecture By Dr. Crispin

Aug 8, 2015

Esthetic Professionals is proud to partner with The Irvin Company to bring you a program which will make it easy to keep your practice in compliance with CA Laws and OSHA requirements. The day is broken into two sessions. In the morning session Dr. Crispin will present a lecture on solving difficult esthetic & restorative challenges. In the afternoon sessions Geoff Irvin will present his lecture on easy compliance solutions.

Solving Difficult Esthetic & Restorative Challenges

The goal of Dr. Crispin’s presentation will be to provide simplechair side solutions to a number of esthetic problems like matching crowns to veneers, matching implant crown, covering metal  posts and dark teeth, esthetic cast posts, esthetic custom abutments, and replacing missing pink tissues in order to eliminate extra appointments and optimize profits. Staging reconstructions to spread out costs will also be presented.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to eliminate esthetic remakes by controlling opacity of the tooth and restorations.
  • Learn how to easily optimize esthetic results in difficult situations
  • Adding missing ”pink” tissues is an easy chair side procedure
  • Learn how to perform a single staging procedure that will get your patients to say yes to comprehensive dentistry even if the vertical dimension needs changing.

OSHA & The Dental Practice Act (CA Law): Easy Compliance Solutions

Let us help your team meet the challenges of the tough state and federal laws by understanding OSHA, HIPAA and Dental/Medical Board regulations. There is no need to struggle with the complicated and burdensome issues surrounding government compliance.


  • General Safety Regulation
  • Bloodborne/Airborne Pathogens
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Documentation & Inspection Protocols
  • Ethics
  • Duties & Settings
  • Permits
  • Investigations
  • Patient Management & More


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