Oral Surgery – Easier, Faster. More Predictable for the General Practice

Sep 19-20, 2014

This oral surgery presentation covers ideas and recommendations that will simplify procedures, make them more predictable, and help you broaden the range of operations performed in your office from exodontia to apicos. Techniques are shared that will expedite the most stubborn extractions. Key elements of partial bony third molar impactions are also reviewed. Along with that, Dr. Koerner discusses effective one-drug oral sedation and how to minimize swelling with potent anti-inflammatories. He takes the confusion out of aesthetic bone grafts for extraction sites. In summary, Dr. Koerner clarifies current standards of care for surgery procedures common to general practice.

Techniques will be taught with anatomical models on day 1 and Cadaver specimens on Day 2. We will supply all instruments, motors, burs and materials needed to perform the techniques being taught. We only ask that each student bring a headlight if already owned.

Topics Covered: Perform oral surgery according to current standards of care. More easily do “surgical” extractions and other difficult extradonia like partial bony impacted third molars. Secrets to removing broken root tips Control patient anxiety. Better control or prevent swelling, pain, infection, and bleeding. Prevent or manage maxillary sinus problems and tuberosity fractures. Perform anterior apicoectomies and socket bone grafts. small lesion excision



Karl Koerner
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