Oral Sedation Dentistry

Feb 20-22, 2015

Oral conscious sedation is essential for every dentist.  This popular class offers everything you need to integrate sedation into your practice. Here are key advantages you’ll experience when you enroll in the oral sedation dentistry course:

Implementing sedation – Acquire the knowledge and skills required to sedate healthy adults while applying established safety standards and providing positive experiences for patient and practitioner

Expanding your knowledge – Gain current medical information and become a better clinician

Reaching a broader base – Learn to help the millions who fear dentistry by managing their pain and anxiety

Streamlining your practice – Reap the benefits of efficiency through coordinated team training

What You’ll Learn:

The Oral Sedation Dentistry course will cover two levels, 9 protocols, team training and an overview of the science behind the skills. You’ll leave with the confidence and resources necessary to immediately put oral conscious sedation to work on behalf of your patients and your practice.

This engaging 3-day oral sedation course offers a comprehensive look at the science of sedation, airway management, treatment planning, equipment, staff training and regulatory topics. You’ll learn to identify which patients are good candidates for sedation and a range of protocols and safety provisions.