Occlusion: A Key To Comprehensive Care

Jan 5-7, 2015

Learn to understand and diagnose occlusal risk and its impact on your clinical success with this unique, small group, hands-on learning experience. This participation workshop is held at Dr. Lee Ann Brady’s private dental practice in the Phoenix metro area.  The workshop is co-led by Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Dr. Mark Kleive and Mary Osborne, leading dental practice coach and communication expert.  Limited to twelve participants, this interactive workshop is an optimal learning environment and will lead to a high level of implementation for the participant.

Appliance therapy can be one of the most impactful case acceptance tools you have ever implemented, helping your patients understand the value of comprehensive care. This program is designed to help you understand the occlusal risks your patient presents with and how to use appliance therapy and equilibration to manage these risks for case success.

You will have the opportunity to work with a specially trained dental laboratory and have an anatomic appliance fabricated in advance of the program. During the workshop we will deliver and adjust an anatomic appliance and you will experience this process as both a practitioner and a patient. Additionally you will learn to communicate the value of appliance therapy and occlusal adjustment to your patients as part of their overall health.  We will work together on the techniques and process for performing a trial equilibration and how to incorporate this information into a comprehensive treatment plan. We recommend that you have one team member from your practice attend the program with you who will be taught to take exquisite impressions, take facebow records and pour and mount models for occlusal analysis.

After attending this workshop dentists will be able to:

  • Perform an occlusal analysis and obtain mounted models
  • Reline & deliver an anatomic occlusal appliance
  • Complete a patient-appropriate joint and muscle exam
  • Understand how to diagnose TMD and Muscle issues
  • Complete a trial equilibration
  • Incorporate functional treatment planning for case success
  • Effectively communicate the value of occlusal therapy to patients

After attending this workshop, assistants will be able to:

  • Effectively assist the dentist when performing occlusal appliance appointments
  • Effectively assist the dentist when performing occlusal equilibration
  • Take exquisite impressions for occlusion cases
  • Take accurate facebow records
  • Pour and mount models for occlusal analysis
  • Communicate effectively with occlusion patients

In advance of the workshop you will be given access to a private website with videos to help familiarize you with a joint & muscle exam, taking exquisite impressions, facebow records and bite registration records. You will have records taken on yourself and provide these records in advance to Gold Dust Dental Lab with whom we’ve partnered. Using these records they will fabricate an anatomic appliance shell which will be delivered to you at the workshop.


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