Miniresidency in Pediatric Dentistry

Mar 14-16, 2014

Are you looking for a comprehensive and relevant update in pediatric dentistry that includes hands-on experience?

You will want to take advantage of this rare hands-on opportunity in contemporary pediatric dentistry. Two enthusiastic and experienced instructors will share with you everything you need to know about pediatric dentistry today and will guide you through several hands-on workshops relevant to your practice. In addition, you will benefit from the individual attention from faculty and close interaction with fellow course participants afforded by the small class size. After this practical program, you will return to your practice with the knowledge, confidence and skills to treat young children using present-day materials and techniques.

You will receive useful information on how to:

  • assess a child’s caries risk and treatment plan accordingly.
  • determine when to initiate pulp therapy, restore or extract primary teeth.
  • diagnose and manage developing malocclusion in the primary and early mixed dentition.
  • manage premature tooth loss.
  • select the best restorative option and material—all things considered.
  • assess and manage traumatic injuries in the primary and mixed dentition.
  • reduce fear and anxiety and provide pain control for the young patient.
  • manage behaviorally challenging children and their parents.
  • determine when to treat in your practice and when to refer.

Through hands-on experience you learn how to:

  • prepare and adapt stainless steel crowns.
  • design and fabricate arch length space maintainers.
  • prepare teeth for a pulpotomy.
  • prepare and restore fractured primary incisors with celluloid crown forms.


Paul O. Walker
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Richard Baylon
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