Mining for Diamonds, Hygiene Super Workshop – Schein 2014 Fall Festival

Oct 17, 2014

Highly successful practices have realized that doing dentistry today the same way it’s always been done is not producing the desired results! Many providers are frustrated at shrinking profit margins, higher costs, working longer hours for the same production, and the continual struggle keeping the schedule full.

Wendy Briggs will be sharing:

  • How to improve your patients health and your practice profitability
  • Real Dangers that exist with outdated Periodontal Procedures
  • How to avoid 6 Common Mistakes with Periodontal Treatment
  • Learn how to produce between $600-1,000 per appointment
  • Case Acceptance Secrets with Periodontal Disease therapy, have more patients say YES!
  • New research about bacterial involvement and Oral Systemic Link
  • How to adapt current systems to increase efficiency and acceptance
  • Lasers in Hygiene update, what you need to know
  • Receive all the documents to re-vitalize your Periodontal Program


Located 40 minutes from Philadelphia!



Wendy Briggs
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