Medical Billing for the Comprehensive Dental and Surgical Practice — Advanced Course

Oct 18, 2014

Dentists who are already billing exams, consultations, wisdom tooth extraction and appliances to medical plans may not be aware that many surgical procedures performed in the mouth, as well as biopsies/excisions of pathology and treatment of traumatic injuries, are also covered benefits under medical benefit plans. Both surgical and nonsurgical treatments for these and a myriad of other infectious, inflammatory and pathological problems, including periodontal surgical services, Stage I and II implant treatment, “sinus elevation,” bone and tissue grafts, prosthetics, oral and dental procedures related to traumatic injury and, depending on the circumstances, scaling and root planing, are typically covered by medical benefit plans.

This one-day presentation on advanced medical billing will discuss medical diagnosis and procedure coding for surgical procedures, pathology and trauma, as well as the associated documentation requirements. A demonstration of how to correctly perform a comprehensive head and neck evaluation on a patient, as well as what to look for in order to satisfy “medical necessity” requirements, is included. Claim examples for the procedures commonly performed in the comprehensive dental and/or surgical practice will also be presented and discussed. A supervised workshop component, during which participants will code their own patients’ surgeries, concludes the course.

Course Objectives After completing this course, the dental professional should be able to:

*Correctly perform the head and neck evaluation from a medical standpoint.

*Understand medical diagnosis and procedure coding and rules for surgical procedures.

*Identify the documentation required to support medical necessity.

PREREQUISITE: All participants must have attended the “Billing Exams, Wisdom Teeth and TMD/Sleep Apnea Appliances to Medical Plans – Basic Course” on March 7, July 11 or Oct. 17, 2014, or a medical billing course with The Z Group in the past two years.


Olya Zahrebelny
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