Maximizing Profitability with Better Clinical Protocols

Mar 4-5, 2016

Maximizing Profitability with Better Clinical Protocols Seminar Topics

  • Preparation designs and protocols for precision
  • Impressions protocol for never missing one
  • Bite record protocol for never miss CR mountings
  • Core buildup protocol for predictability even in wet environments
  • Cementation protocol for increased speed
  • Closed Flap Biologic Shaping protocol for increased production and to avoid periodontist referrals for crown lengthening
  • Periodontal diagnosis protocols for when you really do need a periodontist
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning the complex case
  • Sensitivity solved
  • Painless Anesthesia protocols for practice health
  • Restoring the endodontically treated tooth
  • Bleaching as a practice builder
  • Veneer protocols for minimum and no prep cases
  • Implant prosthetic protocols in the critical cosmetic zone and elsewhere
  • Occlusion simplified Splints
  • Avoiding Composite sensitivity
  • Cone beam technology diagnosis and usefulness
  • Preventive Dentistry protocols to add hundreds of thousands to your bottom line
  • Case presentation concepts that actually work
  • How to interface with specialists
  • Letter writing for specialists by staff
  • Digital technology, lasers, cadcam
  • Managing Cracks
  • Definitive Caries Removal


William C. Strupp
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