Mastering Your Endodontic Excellence: How Far Can You Get? A Tailor-made Course for Alumni

Feb 13-14, 2015

Reasons to join this course:

This is the advanced and troubleshooting course. Since the comprehensive basic course, you have discovered skills that you want to further master or you want to do more complex endodontics. These two days will be transformational and will take your endodontic mechanics from where you are to where you want it to be.

Participants will learn » To thoroughly understand endodontic diagnosis and restorability » Taking the remaining struggle out of the endodontic rut that you may be in » In-depth endodontic skills for calcified and curved canals and for retreatment

The benefit for you » Way before the course, John West will identify with you, what you specifically want to get out of this training » Teaching, coaching and learning already starts before the course. You will get assignments to prepare and arrive ready to go » That way, this pure technique class will be most efficient for you

Raise your endodontic treatment to the highest level.

Explore, enjoy and take this course » Learn advanced endodontic skills for troubleshooting and for retreatment » Make endodontics easier and safer with improved access design » Learn the keys of reliable use of the apex locator and canal location » Learn the “new skill and new thinking” of rotary preparation techniques » Learn how to make cleaning and shaping, simple, safe, and super efficient » Know how and when to use multi-wave and/or single-wave vertical compaction » Experience your own endodontic mastery and new clinical skills » Individual training – Pure hands-on


John West
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