Mastering Multiple Anteriors With CEREC – Level 4

Jul 25-26, 2015

Many doctors don’t realize the full potential of their CEREC technology because they don’t use it to its full capacity. Some feel they can only use CEREC for posterior teeth, and consequently they lose out on the opportunities offered by anterior CAD/CAM dentistry. In fact, with CEREC you can achieve better esthetic results than you would with high quality labs.

Mastering CEREC Anteriors provides you with the tools necessary to complete any anterior case with ease, positively impacting your productivity, clinical quality and client service excellence.

All hands-on workshops are conducted on Omnicams utilizing the latest CEREC software.

Patterson training vouchers accepted

Participants Will Learn:

  • Master the art of color and shade selection
  • Understand the differences between all CEREC blocks and when to use one block over another for a cosmetic result
  • Learn how to prepare anterior teeth for optimal esthetics and how preparation plays an integral role in your success
  • Understand how to create a roadmap for staining and glazing success
  • Learn how to design in Biogeneric, Biogeneric Copy and Biogeneric Reference and when it is appropriate to use each in anterior situations
  • Understand the principals of Smile Design and how to apply it to both your planning and case presentations, but also your execution of the case
  • Master how to do anterior cases same day, an indirect in two visits and the advantages/disadvantages of each
  • Appreciate the importance of contouring anterior restorations for optimal esthetics
  • Learn how to esthetically enhance restorations milled from the CEREC system
  • Appreciate how parameters affect anterior restorations


  • Understand the appropriate parameters that affect anterior teeth
  • Learn bonding techniques that will make multiple anterior restoration cementation easy and predictable
  • Effective techniques to image large cases with the Omnicam and Bluecam
  • Learn how to integrate the Smile Design module in the CEREC software