Mastering Complex Cases: Ultimate Occlusion Level 3

Oct 10-11, 2014

Level 3 is not for the faint of heart. In it we collaboratively plan treatment for some seriously messed-up grills. We also focus intense energy in options, staging, and advanced diagnostics for those complex occlusion, pain, and TMD patients who can cause a headache for any clinician. For the serious doctor with aspirations to treat multi-disciplinary cases with confidence, Level 3 is the aspirin you need.

The goal: This intense two-day program will advanced the clinician who’s currently performing comprehensive full mouth dentistry to the next level by teaching systems and tools in order to provide treatment to patients with TMD disorders, pain, implants and complex occlusions.

With a large portion of the course intimately tied into treatment planning and outcomes of cases, this is a must-participate course designed to enhance your skills with combination cases with specialists, restorative implant considerations. Experience and discuss dozens of documented cases and learn the path to achieve certain success.

In this program you will learn:

  • Advanced considerations on diagnosis and treatment of pain management techniques and treatment modalities
  • Expand your knowledge on interpretation of Joint Vibration Analysis, Jaw Tracking, EMG and T-Scan
  • Advanced restorative techniques and protocols for implant prosthetic cases and much more!

Located 15 minutes from New York City!


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