Mastering Business Essentials

Dec 11-15, 2015

Success for many excellent clinicians is often compromised by a weakness in the business, leadership and communication components.  Mastering Business Essentials is a comprehensive  exploration of the these critical aspect in a Pankey styled learning environment.  Targeted for dentists, this five day program is designed to help you develop the strategies, tactics, metrics and business acumen that will help you prosper and thrive outside the mouth.

The resident and visiting faculty bring a wide range of Business Expertise, MBA and Financial Planning degrees, Practice Management Experience and Key Metrics that you can put to use on Monday morning when you return.  You will do group and individual exercises and workshops using mock as well as your own personal data.  Using your own data sets and having an analysis appointment with faculty will help you jump start the learning by applying it to your practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Compile your practice data into a usable Management Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Personal Financial Statement
  • Begin to determine how much is enough today and in retirement and to evaluate and design solutions if there is a gap
  • Become more knowledgeable about the basics of investing, time value of money, cost of capital and debt management
  • Develop strategic plans and initiatives with appropriate key behavioral and performance metrics that support your vision
  • Strengthen leadership and management skills and systems
  • Develop internal, external, social media and marketing strategies and tactics for your practice
  • Develop operational and human resource systems for productivity, scheduling, budgeting, job descriptions and compensation
  • Take this learning home and have a follow up call with faculty

Please bring specific Financial Reports as requested for the previous 12 months or previous year Laptop/iPad