LVI: Surgery 3 – Live Implant Patient: Case Planning & Implant Placement of Your Choice

Oct 18-20, 2015

The third surgical course in the LVI Implant Continuum provides the doctor an opportunity to perform any surgical procedure that has been covered in one of the previous courses that he/she attended. Each class participant is required to bring a live patient to this course. All diagnostic and surgical protocols covered in the previous restorative or surgical courses will be followed. Patient approval is required 30 days prior to the scheduled course.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  •  Discuss various flap designs and suturing techniques.
  •  Utilize ridge Augmentation techniques.
  •  Complete advanced extraction cases.
  •  Recognize when to graft or do an immediate implant placement.
  •  Discuss the benefits of tunnel grafting, ridge splitting with immediate implant placement, block grafting, and bone harvesting.
  •  Discuss the advantages of Pieazo Electric surgery.
  •  Utilize the applications for tenting screws and titanium- reinforced membranes for hard and soft tissue grafting.
  •  Utilize the technique of Lateral Sinus Grafting.
  •  Discuss potential surgical complications and management.
  •  Discuss implant denture surgical protocols.


Leo Malin
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