LVI: Surgery 1 – Implant Foundation: Extractions, Grafting, Guided Surgery & Key Implant Restorative Fundamentals

Aug 12-14, 2015

The first of the surgical courses in the LVI Implant Continuum, this 3-day course is designed to introduce and train doctors on foundation implant procedures that are the cornerstone for all other implant cases. This course will focus on extractions, grafting and guided surgery and all the related skills to complete these procedures with confidence. Students will be required to schedule two of the previous cases to complete within two weeks of the class completion and submit to LVI for clinical review for complete CE credit. Only specialists once performed surgical implant dentistry and grafting procedures. However, with new technology and protocols conscientious clinicians are obtaining predictable results. The result is a predictable outcome with improved aesthetics, simplified prosthetics with profitable results and salvaged dentitions for everyday patients.

This course is designed to empower the dentist to take total control of their implant cases while gaining knowledge and confidence in dental implant treatment planning, patient work-ups, restorative principles, surgical procedures and protocols immediately after the class. This course will also cover the basics of implant placement control including steps for proper diagnosis, 3D diagnosis, choosing an ideal implant system and abutment and types of restorations.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Discuss basic implant anatomy and physiology.

  • Utilize implant diagnosis and treatment planning protocols.

  • Utilize implant radiology options and procedures.

  • Read CAT scan systems, x-rays and choose radiographic options for patient evaluation and implant placement.

  • Discuss implant systems and implant biomechanics.

  • Provide a system of complete case-control for the restorative dentist regardless of whether the surgery is performed in the restorative office or referred out for surgical assistance.

  • Utilize surgical protocols for guided and non-guided surgery.

  • Provide a predictable, reliable and less invasive surgical protocol.

  • Eliminate surgical surprises by utilizing proper techniques.

  • Discuss principles of osteotomy preparation implant placement, bone grafting and suturing.

  • Utilize implant and bone grafting materials.

  • Utilize implant restorative fundamentals.

  • Discuss implant economics. 


Leo Malin
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