LVI: Sleep Level II – The Physiological Treatment of OSA

Sep 11-13, 2014

You’ve learned about OSA and its relationship to TMD in Level 1.  Now find out how many undiagnosed OSA patients are left that way by even experienced Sleep Dentists because they don’t know what to look for.  Find out how to treat UARS and how not to miss its diagnosis.  Become more knowledgeable about understanding and interpreting PSG’s and home screening studies.  

Find out how to better communicate with Sleep MD’s and other professionals.  You will discover the physiology of respiration and why that’s important to understand.   This course will take you beyond the basic sleep dentist capability and transform you into an OSA expert.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Understand relation of TMD/OSA and clinical screening with NM S+S
  • Understand the physiology of respiration
  • Understand CBCT analysis in screening and treating OSA/TMD
  • Take a NM OSA bite
  • Understand Portable Monitoring / Polysomnography
  • Interpret sleep study reports
  • Communicate effectively with sleep professionals

Materials Needed: Bring models/PVS impressions & own baseline screening tests if possible plus Patient PSG/PM.


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