LVI: PrimeSpeak: The Rejection – Proof Exam

Oct 24-25, 2014

The PrimeSpeak Rejection-Proof Exam is designed to be the solution to the most common problem that dentists face…. how to quickly educate the patient so that they actually ask the dentist for the treatment that they really need. 

Most dentists would like to provide the highest quality dental care, but they struggle trying to explain why the recommended treatment is really necessary; especially if the condition is chronic and painless. Dental education often sounds like ’sales’.

Day 1: begins with the fundamentals of the PrimeSpeak system and terminology. It moves quickly to the pre-clinical discussion that takes place before the actual intra-oral exam. This component is particularly valuable to any team member who has the role of Clinical Coordinator; someone who can take diagnostic photos and brief the patient.

Day 2: deals with the clinical exam and then the ’consultation’; the discussion that happens after the exam during the first appointment. With the PrimeSpeak system, the patient will always feel empowered to make their own decision they will regard the dentist as someone who is there to support their decision. However, these communication skills will typically result in the patient choosing the most optimum solution: the same solution that the dentist would have chosen for him/herself.

When applied correctly, there is little possibility of rejection. The relationship with the patient should be strengthened and the entire practice will be impacted in a positive way.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Discriminatively evaluate a medical/dental history pharmacologically
  • Motivate patients to want comprehensive treatment without any sales pressure
  • Utilize communication  methods that eliminate the need for any objection handling techniques
  • Identify how to rapidly build trust