LVI: Patient Centered Systems

Sep 8-10, 2014

Creating Patient Care Systems that will compliment your LVI clinical training is essential for the success of an LVI practice. This course is designed to provide you the tools and checklist that will provide consistency and continuity with each of our Patient Experiences along with clarifying each team member’s role with those experiences. This course will help with training the new team member in your practice or getting the entire team on the same page.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

-Develop successful and effective verbal skills to increase treatment acceptance. -Deal with patient objectives using the information from the sound financial presentations. -Perform effective handoffs for continuity with team members communication -Create a customized New Patient Experience -Create a customized existing patient experience -Create a restorative patient experience -Utilize pre-blocking the schedule to create success -Achieve successful team meetings to enhance team communication



Sherry Blair
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