LVI: Core IV: Advanced Principles, Case Stabilization and Bite Transfer In The Neuromuscular Practice

Oct 20-22, 2014

CORE IV investigates the in-depth scientific principles of TMD dentistry. This hands-on program will focus on the need to find the physiological position of the mandible in space.

This course is designed to radically enhance your knowledge of TMD dentistry as it relates to aesthetic dentistry. The curriculum is prepared to lead you to the ultimate goal of effectively treating patients predictably and conservatively through muscle physiology and neurophysiology. A systematic examination of the patient in developing the initial diagnosis will be presented.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Develop a diagnosis protocol using the signs and symptoms presented by the patient.
  • Identify the restorative principles that are inherent for successful results.
  • Create a fixed orthotic and the precise technique for refining the occlusion on natural dentition.
  • Identify goals and objectives that must be met in restorative care before designing a successful treatment plan.
  • Utilize the EMG reading to prove optimal patient comfort.
  • Discuss the importance of orthotic placement on opposing arch of prepared teeth.
  • Define best practices in the use of good occlusal techniques in preparing a patient for restorative care.


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