LVI: Core II: Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Essential Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques

Oct 1-3, 2014

Core II is designed to be a life-changing, aesthetic treatment program with hands-on, personal experience in the management of a Neuromuscular Orthotic. This intense, hands-on program concentrates on developing a critical eye for aesthetic excellence as well as completing the diagnostic foundation to help patients enjoy a life free of pain and physiologic compromises.

Built on the #1 most popular principles of LVI, you will learn the tools for LVI Smile Design and Doctor/Lab/Patient communication that create success in today’s demanding dental practice. This course includes comprehensive training, practical occlusion concepts, creating a positive philosophical attitude and effective case acceptance principles and appropriate risk management procedures.  In this program you have the opportunity to ‘pre-prep’ a case from your office. Together with the attendees you will discuss cases being treated at home as well as cover the wide variety of different preparation designs and considerations.  

Using a case you will prepare at home, you can have the prep design discussed and then prepare the model and build beautiful temporaries with a technique where you can create a single unit to a full smile in 10 minutes!  This experience will allow you to make the decisions for the case in a controlled environment and then when you are in your office preparing the actual case you can do it with confidence and precision.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Discuss case treatment plans and options with their patient.
  • Determine appropriate occlusal care for the patient. 
  • Develop a critical eye for aesthetic restorations.
  • Understand the need for a patient centered practice.
  • Discuss soft tissue recontouring planning principles.
  • Understand instant orthodontics.
  • Develop a good plan for the aesthetic based practice.


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