Level 1 Implant Planning & Placement Seminar

Dec 11-12, 2015

This course is designed for either the novice or experienced implantologist along with those just exploring the implant treatment modality for their own office. This course will familiarize you with the implant surgical kit and the necessary prosthetic components to allow you to get started. You will learn the basics of bone regeneration and grafting which goes hand in hand with endosseous implants. The two day course will include didactic and hands-on segments.

This Course Will Cover: – Implantology in your practice – Diagnosis and treatment planning of the implant candidate – Review of surgical considerations – Post-op care – The use of CBCT – Introduction to the OCO Biomedical Implant System – Surgical protocols for placing OCO Biomedical Dental Implants – Socket preservation and basic grafting with implants – Restorative options for OCO Biomedical Dental Implants – Hands-on exercises